Lauren Paton

Ex-Amazon marketing leader turned mindset coach, energy practitioner, podcast host

Lauren has had a successful career at world-renowned brands like Amazon through to a failed start-up where she earned a global reputation for game-changing strategic thinking that smashed impossible targets, all the while leading high-performing teams with authenticity, emotional intelligence, confidence and a dash of radical self-care.

It’s now her purpose to get other women to connect with that deep emotional power they have so they too can lead by being unapologetically themselves. She's sharing her story of what it meant to leave a hardcore corporate environment in order to pursue a more heart-centred work life, and how she overcame her own limiting beliefs, self-doubt and 'what the hell have I done?!' moments to find a much happier her.

She shares how our internal narrative and limiting beliefs can hold us back in business (whether this is in taking the leap, having the confidence to be seen and heard, or asking for our financial value), and how we can overcome them. She's passionate about the impact our societal conditioning has on women's impostor syndrome, perfectionism and people pleasing, and how to start undoing it.

She's here for women who are ready to level up and let go of the lack of confidence, lack of connection and lack of clarity and transform that into more passion, purpose and potential.

She's here for businesses that are ready to take genuine action on creating a more equal executive landscape, as well as desiring the improvements to profit, performance and people that come from getting high-achieving women to the level they deserve.

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