Trish Everett

Mindset cajoler, communication ninja and inner leader enticer

Trish Everett is a mindset and communication specialist who is on a mission to build strong teams and strong leaders.

She delights in supporting them to build the strength needed to go out and make social and environmental change.

Over the last 19 years, Trish has been helping people to get more connected, step into bravery and stand up as the authentic magnificence that they are.

Known for offering profound insights, Trish delivers simple and easy to digest approaches that have helped hundreds of people connect more powerfully and bravely to create positive change.

Through far-flung experiences and a Jedi-like dedication to soul searching, she has developed a method of helping people to explore, connect with and power up their inner leader.

Apart from her training and coaching work, Trish is also a lecturer in the School of Health Science at RMIT University, where she is a specialist in the field of wellness. She has also been acknowledged the transformative work she did as a school principal of a remote indigenous school.

Trish Everett is a quirky, systems-thinking, connection geek who would love to share her insights and experience with your audience. Her favourite topics are:

Connecting with your inner leader to create change
Standing strong and resilience - Five tools to embed in your life
Communication from a place of personal power

Trish holds a Masters of Wellness, a Masters of Communication, as well as a GradDip in Education, a GradCert in IT and a Bachelor of Business.

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