Therese Lardner

Corporate psychologist on a mission to stop women burning out by simplifying and getting rid of perfectionism

As the founder of Mindset Coaching and Consulting, Therese has 15 years experience in working with business and HR leaders to select and engage the best talent.

Having personally experienced burnout twice, Therese knows all to well the pressures that corporate life can bring.

She now combines this personal experience with her organisational development expertise to support businesses in creating happy, healthy and productive workforces. The kind where people don't burnout and leave.

Therese has worked with businesses in highly technical industries like engineering, finance and technology and understands the unique challenges that these industries can bring for women.

The pressure to lead and work like a male is immense, and these women tend to take on the expectations of others as their own, which is the most destructive type of perfectionism.

Therese supports women to simplify the things that are not adding positively to their lives, manage perfectionism and build self-insight to the point where they can work and lead from a really authentic place.

She has coached over 450 individuals and leaders, many of these women, back to a place of thriving at work and at home.

Therese then builds organisational capability and cultures to best support these women.

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