Mim Parisi

Former competitive boxer, owner of boxing gym that helps women achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves

It all started from humble beginnings.

Mim Parisi began boxing after her first child to lose weight, where quickly she developed a love for the sport which multiplied tenfold when told “gee you're good at this!”

It took someone to believe in her, someone who saw something in her, that passion, that drive, that commitment that has been with Mim for the last 12 years.

In a very male-dominated sport, Mim became a competitive boxer in gyms that were mostly men, trained every day, sparred whoever her trainer told her to, listened, learned and dedicated herself. Gaining success as a local athlete on her way to the Olympics.

Because in life there are many ups and downs and in the famous words of Rocky Balboa, it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how many times you can be hit and keep moving forward. Mim struggled through her own adversity, boxing became her lifeline, boxing became so much more than a sport.

Mim talks about pushing yourself to the limits, pushing the boundaries, when your coaches' expectations push you to go further than you ever thought possible, when you work on your mental strength as well as your physical, is when true transformational change happens.

All too often people talk of the inability to succeed because of difficulties that they have had in the past or that they’re going through in the present, Mim has a hard-hitting, genuine approach to inspiring women to change their mindset and use those difficult times to learn, grow and become stronger.

Mim opened Parisi Boxing to teach boxing skills and share her life experience to incredible, strong, giving women. You may not know these women, but they’re the real superheroes in our community.

Mim Parisi is an inspiration, a fearless leader, the go-to ass-kicking, hard-punching trainer mentor.

Topics Mim talks about:

Parent guilt
Single mother guilt
Juggling a family
Fitting exercise in
Finding the passion
Finding the motivation
Budgeting for training
Mental health and exercise

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