Mariela Dabbah

Founder of the Red Shoe Movement and coined Red Shoe Tuesday

Mariela Dabbah, award-winning, best-selling author, realized women needed a new definition of professional success. Success as a journey, not a destination. A path they create for themselves.

She also realized that in order to move the needle in female representation at the highest levels of decision making, the conversation needed to continue year-round on the opportunities and corporate culture necessary to advance in their careers.

Mariela launched the Red Shoe Movement and coined Red Shoe Tuesday as the day when women wear red shoes to work and men wear red ties as a sign of support for women’s leadership development and career success and gender equality. The movement is supported by 7 basic principles.

Leading organizations are aware that higher representation of women at executive levels positively impact their bottom line. Companies across the world are bringing the Red Shoe Movement programs to their organizations as an effective way to attract, engage and promote their Latina employees.

A force to be reckoned with, Mariela Dabbah is widely-recognized as one of the most dynamic and powerful Latina speakers on Hispanic career & leadership development and empowerment out there.

With a vibrant, smart, humorous style she can energize your event while providing insights that result in the kind of “aha” moments you only dream of.  The charismatic, award-winning author of Find Your Inner Red Shoes is available for keynotes, panels and conferences.

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