Candyce Costa

Founder of Tech & Women magazine; Digital marketeer; Passionate about technology, gender equality & diversity

Candyce Costa drives, educates and motivates businesses on how to create effective strategies applying Digital Marketing Tools and Social Media Channels in a comprehensive way.

She is a Digital Marketing Consultant helping B2B companies to focus on exploring new and modern ways to grow - how an app or a sales funnel would increase their sales rates or brand awareness or which channels would work better for their company in a B2B environment.

Most of the times, her diverse background in Economics, Sales and International Events is a real plus on managing data and statistics, negotiating and managing budgets, as well, an understanding of complex projects and engaging with customers of all industries.

She is also the founder of DIGITAL BUSINESS WOMEN - a digital magazine focused on Women in Tech and Digital businesses offering interviews, articles, recommendations and adverts and is building a strong community of ambitious and tech savvy women.

She also runs Digital Marketing Workshops for startups and consultants as well as being a Marketing and Gender Diversity Speaker.

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