Hayley Fairclough

Communication coach empowers young women to achieve their career goals through language psychology

Coming from a working class background to be the first person in her family to attend university, Hayley knows a lot about overcoming obstacles and setting your own course.

After starting out as a high school science teacher, she quickly realised she needed to follow a career path that was more creatively fulfilling – despite protests from everyone around her about things like 'security', 'good pension', 'opportunities', 'maternity leave'.

She made a bold career switch to copywriting and brand strategy – an area she'd never even heard of, let alone experienced, until she landed her first job.

Moving to London from Liverpool in her early 20s, Hayley began a career in lifestyle startups and agencies as a social media manager and copywriter, however despite leadership positions and great pay she still wasn't fulfilled.

That's when she decided to make the bold leap to running her own business at the age of 30: freelancing for well-known brands as a copywriter and brand consultant, while building her Instagram account (@realtalkhayley) as a place for women to connect, learn about copywriting, and lift each other up.
She's passionate about female entrepreneurship and equal opportunities, and is now complementing her work as a brand consultant by offering communication coaching – using her skills in writing to help young women and budding female entrepreneurs boost their confidence, reach their career goals and achieve a life they love through the power of language and communication psychology.

Traditionally, women aren't thought of as great communicators – we apologise a lot, we use passive language, we're afraid to ask for what we want. But Hayley's coaching and Instagram is helping women talk like they mean it to get what they want, be that in the workplace, in their own business, or in their day-to-day life. Hayley lives in East London with her wife and two dogs.

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