Dr Nora Sadek

Medical and cosmetic doctor and technical lead in a digital AI application

Dr Nora is a General Practitioner, cosmetic doctor and trainer originally from London UK. She moved to Queensland, Australia to pursue her career goals where she obtained fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She additionally holds a diploma from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health from London, empowering women about their contraceptive choices and sexual health.

Dr Nora also trains healthcare professionals safe cosmetic injectable techniques across Australia . In her clinic, she strives to achieve perfection for her patients according to their desires, allowing them to bring out their inner confidence and raise their self-esteem.

Constantly wishing to improve her practice, Dr Nora became the technical lead for a novel photography application that utilises artificial intelligence for the generation of instant and accurate before and after photographs for cosmetic procedures known as Treatment Pad. With many users internationally, she has presented the technology to industry conferences across Australia.

Her aim is to empower those around her and does this through social media, regularly posting treatment videos and health tips on her YouTube channel - Dr Nora. Through this channel she finds that many viewers who do not usually see a doctor about health concerns, have the confidence to do so with her motivation.

She is currently embarking on a new project of running a medical practice in rural Australia where the local community have never had access to local healthcare facilities and have had to travel for 4 hours to seek medical help. She hops she will bring wealth to the local community in the form of excellent healthcare.

Dr Nora takes great pride in her work and achievements and has a strong desire for others to succeed in life.

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