Sarah Morse

Sharing inspiring lessons from women around the world and drawing from her experience as a cancer nurse and humanitarian worker

Sarah is an inspirational speaker and writer, and former Young Australian of the Year (NSW 2004).

In her talk "Her story, my story" Sarah shares the stories of the many inspirational women she has met around the world, and the lessons she has learned from them. With a focus on Modern Slavery, and the new Modern Slavery Act in Australia, Sarah shares how we can make a difference through our consumer choices and also our corporate spend.

Sarah is Founder and Director of Unchained Business Services, a for-purpose business which inspires Australians to be leaders in addressing Modern Slavery. Unchained will give 100% of profits back into businesses aimed at giving survivors of slavery a new future, both in Australia and in countries where modern slavery is rife, especially among women.

With over twenty years of leadership experience, across five continents, Sarah is known for her positivity, energy and empathy. While leading teams in humanitarian work, and as a cancer nurse, she has come to a deep appreciation of the gift of each individual life.

Sarah  has learnt life's richest lessons from working some of the world's poorest people, and uses these lessons to inspire her audiences to live their best life. Sarah is passionate about seeing Australian businesses increase trust in the marketplace by demonstrating authentic values, and by making ethical choices.

Sarah has worked with World Vision, International Teams, Bridge of Hope and several other grass roots organisations, and has seen first-hand the impact of corporate social responsibility both to the receivers and the givers.

Sarah has received many awards for her humanitarian work, including a medal from the Order of Australia committee and is the current 2019 Kerrie Nairn Scholar with Professional Speakers Australia.

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