Iryna Zolotarevych

Author of business books, TEDx speaker, author and blog host Woman Elevator Pitch

Having large and diverse professional experiences Iryna Zolotarevych during many years had been influenced the advancement of democracy in Ukraine at various levels, particularly under the Women leader sphere.

Working in the Ukrainian Prime Minister team from 2016 to 2018 (one female among male advisors), she was deeply involved in the process of reforming Ukraine (decentralization, pension, public administration, land reform, tariffs) and, accordingly, the transformation of public thinking.

In 2019, Iryna created a group of projects margined all her experience, continuing her life principles and ideas. The main mission is aimed at the comprehensive support of women leaders, their training and development. Major projects:

1) Woman Elevator Pitch - women entrepreneurs support.

2) Breakfast with Irina Zolotarevich - women's community for supporting women's leadership in business and society.

3) Online Course for Women Realization - the program for coaching women in a state of burnout.

In addition, in 2020 it is planned to conduct a mentoring program for women from creative industries in the format of an online educational serial.

Working with reforms at the national level, Iryna saw that formally a lot of opportunities are given for women, but few of them can realize and apply them. Those projects that she does now are aimed at supporting leadership opportunities for women from a wide variety of professions, demographic and regions. She conducts interviews, gives educational materials, invites to seminars for communication and joint inspiration. As a project leader practising inclusion Iryna opens opportunities for women.

In 2020 she was noted in the rating of women influence “Woman of III millennia” for influence on democratic processes and for supporting women's leadership.

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