Sheri Fitts

Host of Women Rocking Wall Street, a podcast dedicated to helping women thrive in the male dominated industry of financial services

SHERI FITTS is a financial-industry influencer, popular social-media speaker, and a creative force in financial-services. It all started at the young age of five, selling her very own homemade rose-petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door.

Sheri has been quoted in numerous articles and is considered an financial services industry trendsetter, as she collaborates with financial-service organizations to help them leverage marketing tools, social-media strategies and meaningful connections.

In 2015 she launched Women Rocking Wall Street, a podcast focused on empowering women to survive, thrive and build meaningful careers in the financial services industry.

Women and men in financial services begin their careers as equal portions of the entry level workforce. As they advance in their career, women are outflanked by men, with women making up only 19 percent of the C-suite.

Sheri focuses on improving the number and leadership ranks of women working in the financial services industry by sharing influential stories and experiences.

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