Manisha dagore

Break your silence and be the woman you always wanted to be

26 year old Manisha finally believes it’s about time she spreads awareness on breaking the silence of domestic violence.

As a speaker, Manisha aims to educate girls and woman on domestic violence, red flags and how to survive and thrive during and after an abusive relationship.

In her speech, she will begin to draw in the audience by introducing herself and her journey. This will include the importance of healthy parenting and healthy relationships for a young child growing up. The impacts on young children who grow up around domestic violence, unhealthy parenting and toxic behaviours.

She will then continue to tell the audience about how toxic parents can influence a young girls mind whilst her brain develops. The critical initial years of life, where girls learn from parents or caregivers about her self-worth, self-image and self- respect and most importantly boundaries.

Soon understanding that none of the above were positively reinforced in her childhood, she sees her father with multiple woman, as to her mother, who’s boyfriend sexually assaults her at the age of 6. With both the parents separating at the age of when she was 2, shes taught that she must be responsible for both of her parents and learns to carry the burdens of toxic parents at a very young age.

She learns to keep secrets between her mum and dad, and the key to learning to keep quiet, because after this there was a reward waiting for her. Wanting to scream, but having to pretend she can’t hear anything in between 4 walls she hears out what her dad has to say about her mum. “Your mum is a bitch, a slut and she’s a witch”.
And let me tell you not just once, but every single time when she was allowed to see him through court orders. That was every second weekend of constant abuse through her ears from the age of 2 till now.

As understood, she begins to follow a destructive path in life where she grows up uneducated about boundaries, healthy relationships, perhaps love.

She continues life as she finds herself sexually abused by a family friend double her age at the age of 13 and than sees her self in that relationship for another year and a half. Finally once silence is broken, thanks to the school counsellor who took a stand, the police and doctors soon investigate to see if there is any sperm left for evidence. This terrified 14 year old now provides evidence, speaks up and the perpetrator goes to jail and then deported back to his country under paedophilic rape charges.

The young 14 year old then develops panic attacks and social anxiety. Unaware of who she is anymore, as if she lost her identity, attendance of school drops and teachers have now given a warning letter. But she can’t do anything about her current state, she can’t get herself to go to school, loosing sleep and hair, loosing her young years and loosing her soul, she soon finds herself in her darkest of days.

She continues the path of self distraction, finds her self in multiple unhealthy relationships. Keeps the bad boys close, and the good boys pushed away as it’s unfamiliar to her surrounding. After all her dad wasn’t a good example, so she was looking for her dad in a life partner as most girls usually tend to right?

Finally at the age of 23 she accepts a random facebook friend request, unknowing of the percussions of that one action.

She sees through the red flags, if she was educated about them, maybe she wouldn’t have seen such dark days.

Three years of emotional, physical and psychological abuse it’s now time she breaks her silence in-front of the world. Not for herself, but for many other woman out there who are in a similar position and need support and a hug.

She can assure you my talk will be interactive, purposeful and a great learning. So she invites all the woman out there to join me in the walk of FREEDOM. Let’s all break our silence, survive and thrive and build a better future for ourselves. It’s time to celebrate!

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