Patricia Seabright

Author of She Said! - a millennial woman's guide to being heard

Women are being silenced!

And I do not mean in distant places with repressive regimes. I mean in the offices and workplaces of the UK, day in day out. This may seem a bold statement, shocking perhaps even unbelievable in the second decade of the 21st century, but it is true.

Patricia has long experience in sales leadership and as a consultant specializing in sales, communication speaking and influence. Her experience working across such as wide range of businesses, led her to conclude that there is a subtle but insidious silencing paradigm that makes it much harder for women in the workplace to be heard, ( and therefore get credit, recognition or career advancement) This does much to explain the glacial pace of progress towards gender balance.

Patricia has always been a passionate advocate of gender balance in the workplace and has recently published a book called She Said! a millennial woman's guide to being heard.

It has come from a desire to help women starting their careers today to not repeat the mistakes of earlier generations, who in light of apparently favourable legislative environments, have underestimated the scale of the issues.  

She believes that firstly it is vital for women to clearly see the issues, which given their subtle and often sub-conscious nature, are not easy to identify. Secondly women need to develop proactive skills / strategies to enable themselves to be fully heard to enable them to make the progress they deserve.

Patricia has recently had articles published in the Daily Mail daily mail / CEO magazine and HR Today. She has spoken recently spoken at the Westminster Forum’s Women in the workplace conference, on Irish talk Radio and multiple women’s groups within the sales, political and financial services sectors.

What attendees will get:
Patricia is an engaging, entertaining, thought provoking that pulls no punches and leaves the audience with both food for thought but also practical tools and tips to take away.

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