Meera Tenguria

Women leadership communication - Using communication strategically to create change

An entrepreneur, a communications strategist, a storyteller,  a speaker, passionate believer in the power of communication to create change, Meera Tenguria has been a mentor, advisor and consultant, for entrepreneurs, CEOs,  CXOs,  managements and leaders, helping them  communicate and engage with stakeholders.

Amongst the few women in corporate communications and investor communications when she began, she earned her place as a strategist through her work and ethical approach.
Passionate about sustainability and the power of communications she has started a Not for Profit, focusing on Communications for Development.

Using the experience of her journey of over 20 plus years in the corporate world;  her expertise in corporate storytelling and leadership communications; and with her insights as a women entrepreneur -  she hopes to inspire women to find and hone their voice as leaders.

She shares how to use strategic communication as a critical tool  for creating space for women's perspective in the corporate world; create awareness of women's crucial role in policy-making if SDG goals are to be achieved;  and define women leadership style.

She explains the power of communications to make change happen.

Topics :
- Women Leadership communications
- SDG's need women participation
- Empowering women to make the world sustainable
- Women in Science - call out on the gender bias in acknowledging their achievement
- Women through the male perspective in media reporting - urgent need to change
- Women voice in policy making - beyond 'gender'

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