Stephanie Schmidt

2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women's Award winner, clinical psychologist, farmer and mum of three boys

As the 2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women's Award Winner, Steph is driven by a vision of Rural Australia that is vibrant, vital and thriving for all.

Being a Clinical Psychologist, mum of three energetic young boys, and running a large broad-acre sheep and cropping farm with her husband, Steph is all to aware of the challenges women face everyday.

Having learnt the hard way the importance of putting herself first, Steph is now committed to #ChoosetoChallenge many of the cultural and societal structures that create barriers for women.

She also firmly believes in openness and authenticity of experiences, recognising that the challenges behind closed doors often result in women feeling like "everyone else has it all together" and that they are the only one's who don't!

Steph combines her skills and knowledge as a psychologist, particularly in approaches of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness, with day to day lived experience challenges of farming and rural life and her own lived experience of Postnatal Depression to provide a presentation that is engaging, heartwarming and inspires the audience to take one small step towards their most valued life.

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