Melitta Campbell

Business coach for women, Best-selling author, host of the 'Driven Female Entrepreneur' podcast

Melitta is a Business Coach for women and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs podcast.

After establishing a corporate women's network, Melitta saw first hand the importance of encouraging women to build their self-belief, and communicate their value. A need she saw echoed in the entrepreneurial community, which lead her to pivot from her corporate communication consultancy, to Business Coaching for women.

Melitta loves to share her experience of how she found her voice, when she found her values. Her Four Golden Rules for communicating with impact in all situations, and her 'shy girl's' take on networking, public speaking, marketing and sales – drawing on her 25 years of working in communication, marketing and leadership.

As the host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, she has interviewed more than 60 women on what it takes to succeed as a woman in business, and lead an enterprise to success.

Melitta is the founder of the Swiss Entrepreneurs Club, Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club communities, a TEDxLausanne Speaker Coach, best-selling author of 'The Power of Why', and the soon to be published: 'Shy Girl's Guide to Networking'.

Melitta lives in Switzerland with her husband and two daughters, while serving clients around the world.

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