Vivienne Schadinsky

Fine artist of contemporary and environmental art and inspired by nature

The main elements of Vivienne’s work are her environmental projects about endangered flower species, vegetable varieties in our food chain that face extinction, clean water awareness and a clean air project is just shaping up.

Vivienne started her career as an interior designer in Switzerland. After her move to London she designed and styled sets, first for the theatre and then for film and television, before becoming a full time artist more than ten years ago.

Her inspiration is in the every day things that surround her and spending time in nature is part of her daily ritual, which feeds back into her work. In a wider sense a natural lifestyle plays into all of her life.

This journey began twelve years ago when she was taught by a Japanese naturopath about how a holistic lifestyle, meditation, nutrition, energy healing (stones/crystals/herbs), colour, nature (shinrin yoku/forest bathing), sound (birds and others), scent (essential oils) when incorporated correctly can support physical and mental health, which now also influences her work significantly.

Vivienne has always been an entrepreneur. In addition to her fine art, she is also a partner in a fine art publishing house and runs an online store with printable art and posters. She is teaching art classes in a school and individual private 1:1  lessons for adults and children - life or remote.

Vivienne can captivate your audience by sharing her insight into environmental art or contemporary art as such. She would also be happy to tailor her talk towards your event.

Vivienne can speak about the following topics:

Environmental art

Her own environmental art projects on endangered flowers, vegetable varieties in our food chain that face extinction, clean water awareness or clean air

72 Japanese micro seasons

Art techniques - ink or printmaking

Being a full time artist

Her specially devised art classes that have had very positive feedback

Female multi entrepreneurship - how do you start your own job?

Do an arts class

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