Janene Liston

Trusted pricing strategist empowering small businesses to build the right pricing strategy and charge for the value they deliver

Did you know 60% of small businesses are barely surviving or operating at a loss. Are you surprised? Don’t be.

Most small businesses spend more time, energy and creativity finding ways to lower their prices than they spend finding ways to charge better prices?

Janene Liston the Pricing Lady has empowered 1000’s of people across the globe and various industries to be more profitable. After 20 years in the corporate world she set her sights on helping small businesses build the right pricing strategy so they can confidently charge for the value they deliver.

Your audience needs to hear our conversation. As a speaker at your event, you and your audience will engage in the world of pricing.

 - Know why profit makes you smart, not greedy
 - Get the pricing prescription to charge better prices
 - Be exposed to the secrets of pricing psychology

Getting pricing right is the fastest way to boost profits. Watch out. Her passion for pricing is contagious.

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