Monika Muddamshetty

Women leader, Director at IGT, Director at PMI Pearl City Hyderabad Chapter; Chairperson ICT at IGT for POSH

Session Topic:

Women - How to Recognize and Change behaviors that are holding you back from success?


With the people interactions, personal experiences and learnings over the years, i have seen that often women tend to face some specific and different roadblocks from men, especially at workplace.

As the topic of women and leadership is quite close to my heart, i want to share these valuable insights with the others, hoping to help recognize behaviors and habits that are getting in the way to success, and proven ways to overcome them.

Thereby aiding in women in their quest to advance by building more satisfying and rewarding careers, and inspiring positive behavioral change among those around them.  

Key takeaways from session:

- Tools and behaviors necessary to elevate career and gain new positions as a leader

- Handle and manage the stereotypes around women in leadership positions

- Manage negativity and bias by replacing them with positive perceptions

- Better understanding of challenges faced by women while moving into leadership positions.


This session will greatly help people who haven't realized this yet or realized but struggling to overcome it , either themselves or for others in their circle - namely, Professional Women, Leaders, Bosses, Managers, HR Execs, Executive management

About speaker:

Monika Muddamshetty has approx.15 years of experience of dealing with the 5Ps People, Processes, Projects,Programs, Portfolios, with global clients and teams to Deliver Improved Outcomes - in the IT, Telecom, Gaming industry.

She also serves as Director on the Board of PMI Pearl City Hyderabad Chapter, and the Chairperson, ICT at IGT India Pvt. Ltd (Internal Committee POSH at Work as per The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013).

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