Sharena Lee Satti

Poet whose words are inscribed into park benches who raises her voice so others can be heard too

Sharena Lee is an Independent spoken word artist, and Poet from Bradford, West Yorkshire U.K.

Her work is  published by the Verve poetry press. Her book titled "SHE" was released  November 2020.

She is a very passionate poet who writes poetry about her own personal life, current environmental issues, social stigmas, homelessness, poverty and discrimination?

She speaks openly about her past and the struggles she had to endure.

She found her voice and encourages others to find theirs through poetry and self-expression.

She shares her love of spoken word through performance art and has contributed immensely over the past years, she is an influential, uplifting voice in Bradford, spreading her empathy and love of poetry in her local community.

Which also lead Sharena to be selected as a Bradford community champion.

An education influencer. Sharena has been nominated for the British Indian awards 2020, Media arts and culture and has recently being associated with The Verve poetry Press, Chelping, Red Bull amaphiko, Film and Photographer Tim Smith and Balbir Dance, Kala Sangam (The artist takeover) Bradford Festival, Bradford Literature Festival, and BBC radio, NHS

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