Ms. Athuhaire Grace

Inzu Foundation Humanitarian life represents someone that is boundless and selfless


We are the children of 1993 Rwanda Genocide that have thrived through constant battles against abuse of humanrights and poverty in Uganda.
The power that binds us was to master the skill of not to emotionally react to everything that is said about us as Rwandese.

Our battles are post Genocide, so logically to thrive on a foreign land we choose to live in harmony and united against ethnic discriminationthat led to the 1994, Genocide where over 1,000,000 lives were lost leaving a thousand orphaned and homeless.

The gospel of forgiving those committed crimes against humanity, has taught to live as sisters and brothers with a vision ofhuman capacity building by innovating programs inspire the future generation .


The will to be free from poverty motivates us, a poor person is one who depends excessively on or is controlled by others.

Truth be told, we are poor because we have no resources (power to make money) basically the mindset that capacity to build for the next generation depends on foreign aid has enslaved us in poverty. Mindset is key, if one is mentally poor, giving him more money will only make him poorer.

Thus, there is no way we can come out of poverty except by educating ourselves out of it.


Digital Inclusion in protecting humanity by innovating capacity building programs will equip our people with business knowledge and technical skills.

Training in Events decoration
Hair Dressing
Business Administration
English and French lessons
Basics in Computer and Information Technology
Catering and hospitality
Crafts and wood works
Interior Art and design


Our story has tested time so the mindset is that our past shall inspire the next generation.

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