Sophie Hebdidge

Using education to work towards a world where tech startups are founded by anyone

Sophie is the founder of Techniclarity, a business that teaches female founders just enough tech to launch their tech startups. A cross-hatch of experience led her to found Techniclarity.

She has developed websites and apps for small business and charities focussing on creating solutions that solve problems for women. Think anything from sex-tech to ed-tech.

She's a 2x CTO and it was whilst wrapping up the first business she had her light-bulb moment. She kept encountering women in the startup world who were turning their backs on entrepreneurship simply because despite having an incredible idea, they lacked the technical fluency to turn it into action.

She's inspired to help people without her sort of background, to help themselves gain a better understanding of technology. Then support them whilst they use that new clarity to grow businesses that make an impact.

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