Kel Santiago-Pilarski

Registered nurse with specialization in Urogynecology, former tattoo artist, transformed as I.T. writer and product evangelist

Kel Santiago-Pilarski from the Philippines is a registered nurse with specialization in Urogynecology. She is the youngest daughter of the Philippines' Greatest Comic Illustrator, Hal Santiago.

Kel wears many hats and worked as a freelance tattoo artist, then transformed as a writer and product evangelist in a Japanese IT company, and as WordPress plugin support for a French IT company.

She is involved in the global WordPress community, contributes to Open Source, and is passionate about empowering people on career transformations, creating new professional paths and adventures in life.

Kel is currently working as Happiness Engineer at Automattic Inc., and part of the diverse team of folks all over the world who believes in making the web a better place.

She is currently based in Poland (and is around Europe and Asia).

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