Jesno Jackson

Women leader, art curator, motivational speaker, Founder of Art4you gallery, art educator, award-winning artist

Being a women entrepreneur and women empowerment speaker and Fine artist, sharing her growth experiences, her journey towards her goal.  Jesno is an inspiration for her community, and she draws inspiration from her life experiences and believes in elevating the women to know their worth, capacity and how to achieve their goals through their skill and creativity.

Meeting everyday challenges - Created to Create!

Jesno Jackson is an artist activist, motivational speaker, art educator and women leader with more than two decades in practice. She has been often called “an assortment of positive” and “a solution artist” by her colleagues and students.  

She is currently positioned as the Founder of Art4you Gallery / Chief Editor of Art4you International Art Magazine / Marketing Head and Representative of Metro Journal UAE, India and connected with various academic and development sector initiatives.

She is willing to volunteer in women’s day celebration as a resource person. Her interest is in supporting the empowerment of women/girls in positivist, change challenge, entrepreneurship or “phoenix phenomenal” a model of positivist, also connecting to art events organizing for women.
She helps women reinvent themselves to be everything they dream of achieving their creativity, leadership, teamwork, courage, confidence, compassion, leading through the current uncertainty, and well being, to enrich the life of every woman

Jesno walks the talk, and has taken it upon herself to facilitate other aspiring women minds. Her virtual talk show and virtual activities known popularly as CONVERSATIONS - Webinar series and Chat is one of her several endeavours towards a driving force to 'make it happen' - CREATED TO CREATE.

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