Mahnoor Usman

Actress, podcast host, business analyst and executive and social worker

Mahnoor started her career at the age of 8 as a theatre performer and later went on to do her first movie. She marked her acting debut in the 2013 film Siyaah, where she played an emotionally recluse orphan girl adopted by a couple who cannot have a child. Her acting skill was praised throughout the realm. She has not been seen in the media industry since her first movie. She suffered from clinical depression in her teenage years and later was diagnosed with severe Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Due to her journey with these two illnesses, she then went on to speak and spread awareness about depression and PCOS at various platforms. She is a YLC alumni. She has also worked in various business departments including HR, Marketing, and Customer Care to get practical experience of her degree. She has lead many teams to execute projects and campaigns throughout the country for multinationals and startups. At the moment she is the official consultant of Being Woman UK - A charity organization founded by her sister

Fareeha Usman in Ashington, Northumberland. She continues her studies side by side.
Alongside that, she can be seen in various forums and platforms speaking upon the topics of mental health, discrimination, hate crime, anti-narcotics, entrepreneurial journeys, women empowerment, child abuse, creativity, and education.
She is currently hosting a podcast by the name Barefeet in which she interviews people and leaders from BAME backgrounds living in the white world.

"Why do people ask me that what will you be when you grow up? Why do I have to be "someone" only when I grow up? Why can't I be that someone right now!" - Mahnoor Usman

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