Gemma Taylor

Britain's Strongest Woman, entrepreneur, single mother

Gemma is a highly entertaining strong woman in every sense of the word. She is 4 x Britain's Strongest Woman, 2 x World's Strongest Woman Runner up and also hold many international and world records.

She is strong in her mind, her body and lives 'the work' throughout her life. She is the founder of PowerBurn - an all-in-one health, wellness and fitness solution. Established in Iceland in 2008, she brought her company back to her native UK in 2014 and has been running her private strength and conditioning studio since then. During lockdown Gemma adapted her concept to grow her online version of PowerBurn. Gemma has also appeared many times on TV shows including The Voice, Stars In Their Eyes, This Morning and is a regular guest on BBC Radio York.

Gemma believes that her purpose in life is to lend her strength to others, and to those who need it the most. She delivers hilarious and deeply moving speeches using her many experiences and connective talents.

She is highly adaptable and is skilled in many areas, being informed in all aspects of all things health, wellness and performance related.

She looks forward to sharing her strength with you.

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