Show your #ChooseToChallenge IWD 2021 street art to the world

International Women's Day Street Art Collective (IWDSAC) is a worldwide awareness raising initiative. It forms part of the Women Creatives Mission that aims to celebrate the work of women creatives and elevate visibility for commercial projects and commissions.

Activity is collaboratively spearheaded with Australia-based street artist Ms Snaps and her International Women's Crew (IWC) and further all-female crews around the world.

Each year an IWD campaign theme is supported around the world. The IWD 2021 theme is #ChooseToChallenge with its hand raised gesture that signifies solidarity in choosing to challenge and call out gender bias, stereoptyping and discrimination.

Support and be supported

IWD street art - Choose To Challenge - Ms Snaps

Female street artists around the world are invited to be part of IWDSAC and their work featured across the International Women's Day website and social media platforms. To participate, crews or individuals are invited to submit photographs or videos of their #ChooseToChallenge creatiion.

While creative interpretation supporting the IWD 2021 theme is broad, creations might feature a person/people adopting the #ChooseToChallenge pose - with inclusion of the #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 hashtags encouraged. Use of the IWD logo is optional. Additionally, further creations solely featuring the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag (as pictured above) are also welcome.

Submissions open

Creations are invited and early submission is encouraged including:

  • approx 1:22 aspect ratio (landscape) photograph of the creation (if possible, a good amount of background surrounding the piece shows location/activity context)
  • 250 word artist/crew bio with weblink
  • Crew or individual logo/tag (if applicable)
  • short statement allowing image use on IWD website and social media platforms

As background, read about the IWD 2020 #EachforEqual street art activity.

We look forward to receiving images and videos of #ChooseToChallenge creations from around the world.

Resource support needed for IWDSAC artists

Around the world, a range of support is needed by street art crews and individual artists such as funding, paint and wall space. To explore interest in donating important funding, paint or wall space directly to IWDSAC crews or individual artists, please step forward and make contact as soon as possible.

And, for street art crews and individual artists seeking funding, paint or wall space, download the template letter for applying directly to relevant companies and local agencies for funding and further resources to support participation in IWDSAC. 

The opportunity is also open for an IWD 2021 Women Creatives Global Partner, so relevant parties are invited to make contact for more information as soon as possible.

IWD street art - MsYellow - International Women's Crew

Ms Yellow, International Women's Crew

IWD street art - International Women's Crew paint jam

International Women's Crew

IWD Supporter

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