KMT Technical Services

We are a woman-owned minority-owned audiovisual company located in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for great Audiovisual at your International Women's Day event?

Looking to support a woman-owned business as part of your IWD event activity?

At KMT we consult with customers to design, build, manage & maintain mission-critical AV systems that industries worldwide depend on every day.

Audiovisual integration plays a crucial role in developing systems that can interpret and respond to both visual and auditory data, such as in voice-activated devices with screens or in advanced robotics. This integration is key to creating more natural, intuitive, and efficient interactions between humans and machines.

In plain speak, we provide audiovisual services for conference and corporate events.  

As integrators, we permanently install mics, screens, projectors and multi-media in schools, auditoriums, churches, conference facilities, just to name a few.

Our priorities are to design and deliver systems that are reliable and simple to operate, cost effective in terms of capital outlay and operation and energy-efficient, with the flexibility to accommodate future change and technological advances.

In addition to the choice of display sizes, sound systems and operating controls, we provide input on room shape and layout, sightlines, acoustics, bandwidth capacity, lighting and shade control and the interface with safety and security systems, all with the goal of optimizing sometimes conflicting technical, operational, administrative and financial objectives.

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