Kitty Party

Our Mission is to entertain teams in Berlin and across the globe by offering unparalleled inclusive services for corporate entertainment.

Here at Kitty Party, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we always go the extra mile for our customers. So it does not matter whether you want someone who can provide you with entertaining office team-bonding events, or someone who can plan your corporate parties and events as per your wishes, and at a package deal, you know you can afford it.

We will arrange the best bartenders, caterers, DJs, and a premium location for your upcoming corporate event in Berlin. Unforgettable memories are just a few clicks away.

We take great pride in everything we offer. In fact, at Kitty Party, the fun never stops. We are constantly adding to our available services, so the party is only just getting started!

With years of experience and a team who prides itself on ensuring that every attendee leaves with a smile on their face, you won’t find anyone better than us when it comes to hosting the ultimate corporate parties for the festive period and global online/offline gatherings.

Corporate Parties
For your special day, we bring you the perfect setup where you can cherish the special moments with your team. Your team will have a memorable time in the cozy environment and share a great time.

Online Team Building Events and Parties
We provide online cooking and drink making workshops, along with team-building games, designed to unite your geographically dispersed teams. This allows your teams to have a fantastic time from the comfort of their homes. We guarantee a delightful experience filled with fun, laughter, deliciousness, entertainment, and dancing.

Onsite Team Building Events
We organize top-notch team-building cooking workshops and activities in premium locations throughout Berlin. Whether your team wants to make delicious food and drinks from our diverse menu or enjoy exciting games, we provide exceptional venues to foster their creativity. Our curated music will keep you grooving while you cook or participate in engaging activities. Additionally, we are able to arrange these events at your preferred locations as well.

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