International Women's Day Event Pack

International Women's Day Event Packs

IWD 2019 "Expression of Interest" orders now open ...

Organising 2019 International Women's Day activity? Access everything you need to help make your IWD events or displays a huge success.

Whether you're in a corporation, government body, professional network, charity, small business, hospital, local library, retail outlet, association, school or university - IWD Event Packs can instantly provide an exciting and professional atmosphere for your event.

For 2018 Event Pack included:

  • IWD banner (200 cm wide x 76 cm high)
  • IWD bunting (2 x 10 metre lengths)
  • IWD wristbands (50)
  • IWD air-fill balloons (10 purple, 10 white)
  • IWD curling ribbon (25 metres)

Contents for the IWD 2019 Event Pack are currently being considered and all IWD 2018 Event Pack customers have been contacted for feedback on the IWD 2018 Event Pack.

Worldwide shipping available. Individual and bulk orders welcome. 2019 orders will be filled on a first-come basis.

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