IWD Library Display

Plan an International Women's Day library display

Set up an exciting and informative themed display to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 - and extend it for International Women's Week.

Whether setting up an International Women's Day (IWD) display for a library in a school, local council or government setting, or in a university, there are many exciting ideas and excellent resources for IWD displays.

International Women's Day display ideas

Below are some initial ideas for setting up and managing and IWD library display:‚Äč

  • locate your International Women's Day display in a high-traffic area to support awareness raising
  • feature classics by female authors, modern literature by and about women, and an assortment of biographies about great women in history
  • introduce female authors to discuss their work and participate in an engaging Q&A
  • invite local feminists, business leaders, role models or thought leaders to run a mini-lecture on their views about gender parity.
  • host a poster competition or workshop to help raise greater awareness of gender parity in the community
  • provide exciting materials about great inventions and discoveries by women
  • celebrate women's achievements via incorporating materials in the display featuring great female role models throughout history.
  • provide a question box to ask users how they will forge equality
  • organise a public debate on the topic of "Are future generations keen to see more gender balance?" or a further engaging topic.
  • host a public performance celebrating the impressive talent of women
  • send us your images so we can share them on the IWD website and via social media.
  • register or login to your IWD account to access resources

Compiled lists of inspiring books for International Women's Day

In honour of International Women's Day, many groups have collated lists of impressive reading materials over the years to support IWD activity.

Here are just a few sources to review:

Want to contribute your suggested IWD reading materials list, please contact us with your ideas.

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