We can all help #BalanceForBetter

Rachel Thomas, President & Co-Founder, Lean In

"Women are half the population, but we don't hold nearly half the power. In classrooms, boardrooms, labs, assembly halls, newsrooms, and living rooms, women still have to fight for equality - because systemic barriers, including gender bias, continue to stand in our way.

"This International Women's Day, Lean In is proud to join organizations and people around the world to knock down those barriers and #BalanceForBetter.

"We want to ignite a conversation about how gender bias plays out in one place in particular: work. In so many workplaces, women struggle for equal treatment. They get passed over for promotions. They're denied opportunities. According to our research with McKinsey & Company, in corporate America, progress on gender diversity isn't just slow - it has stalled. Women are vastly underrepresented at every level. And for women of color, it's even worse.

"Lean In wants to help turn that around by giving people the tools to recognize and stand up against gender bias in the workplace. We've created 50 Ways to Fight Bias, a card-based activity that walks users through what to do when they encounter specific examples of bias at work. If you've ever asked yourself, "Was that bias? Should I have said something?" these cards are for you. We also run Lean In Circles - small groups of women who meet regularly to share ideas, gain skills, and support each other. There are over 42,000 Circles in more 170 countries and hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide.

"If you want to mark International Women's Day by finding a meaningful way to come together with women in your community, consider joining a Circle. Our members overwhelmingly say that their Circle has made a positive difference in their lives. If women and girls were valued as equal to men and boys, the world would be a better place. It's on all of us to #BalanceForBetter."

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