We must all be advocates

John Allan, CEO, Sensis

"At Sensis, we steadfastly believe that diversity makes for better innovation, a stronger workforce, a sustainable business and happier customers.

"Our vision is to connect and engage all Australians. We can only do this with a truly balanced and diverse workforce. Only a balanced workforce will provide us with the diversity of experiences, skills and imagination that we need to drive innovation and performance.  

"#BalanceforBetter at Sensis extends through our approaches to recruitment, retention and development programs, and our commitment to work life balance.  Fundamental to our culture is the belief in providing equal opportunities and promoting diversity of ideas, opinions and cultures.

"We have made a clear commitment to pay equity, of which we are extremely proud, and to increasing female representation at all levels of leadership. We are striving to be a truly balanced workplace. We are proud of our efforts to date, but acknowledge that diversity is a journey and we always strive to do more.

"We can all be diversity advocates. Every single member of our workforce is empowered to be a champion of change in order to accelerate women’s equality and make a difference for women today and in the future.




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