© Photograph: ALFASI / EyeEm

Dina Alfasi wins IWD 2019 Photography Competition

 May 14, 2019

Over 51,200 entries were received worldwide for the International Women's Day 2019 Photo Competition run in conjunction with EyeEm, the exclusive International Women's Day #BalanceforBetter campaign theme Image Partner.

The aim of the Photo Competition was to help break stereotypes and broaden perception while celebrating the strength and diversity of women worldwide.

Entries were open to photographers from any gender and any location, as long as their submission celebrated the diversity of women from some perspective.

Dina is inspired by the little moments that happen every day

The overall winner was an impressive upcoming photographer, Dina Alfasi from Haderah in Israel who receives a fabulous Nikon Z6 camera including NIKKOR Z 24–70 mm 1:4 S lens.

Read more about Dina on the EyeEm website.

Her work is outstanding and broad with many exciting subjects, techniques and compositions in her developing style.

Dina says she is inspired by the little moments that happen every day. "My work is a testament to telling stories through a single photograph and proof that all you need is just to look around to find magic moments," explains Dina.

Dina says the girl in her winning image captured her heart

When asked about her winning "Girl on a Train" image, Dina says: "The young woman in the photo captured my heart. There is something noble about her, gentle but at the same time very powerful. She communicates tranquility, self-confidence and determination. Combines modernity with values of tradition and modesty. The colors of the sunset in the background complemented the special atmosphere."

Dina is fascinated by people she encounters every day

Dina especially likes to photograph people. What attracts her are the kinds of people we might meet every day and usually we do not pay attention to. "I am fascinated by the variety of characters I encounter every day. Everyone is a whole world. Photography is for me a tool to tell a story without words, to stir, to cause awareness and to awaken some feeling in the viewer of the picture taken.  The challenge for me is to surprise each time anew and to prove that there is beauty in the simplicity that is around us."

As a female photographer, when Dina photographs women she says that the feeling is different. "I have a feeling of closeness, identification and sympathy,"explains Dina. "It is important for me to transfer femininity in all its layers. It is a delicate balance between woman's qualities, tenderness and frailty, but also the power and determination that exists in every woman."

Many subjects, contexts and stories

Dina photographs her subjects in many contexts. For example, her candid beach photography is simply superb. Dina says she loves walking along the beach - and as always - it's the people who fascinate her. She looks for those for whom the sea is part of their daily lives - retirees or sea athletes - who take advantage of every moment to swim or surf.

IWD Photographer - Dina Alfasi - beach
© Photograph: ALFASI / EyeEm

See more of Dina Alfasi's impressive range of photographs here.

With over 52,000 entries the selection was challenging

So many photographers, so many marvellous photographs.

Photographing the diversity of women helps to challenge stereotypes and celebrate difference. Diversity is what makes the world so vibrant. But, if all we see is predictable, mainstream, common imagery of women - then diversity is not embraced and dominant perceptions are reinforced. This is not what we want. We want a #BalanceforBetter.

Take a look at the IWD 2019 Highly Commended list below from further entries.

Again, women are photographed in a multitude of ways for their insightful stories, sheer diversity and powerful authenticity. 

These are the photographers who were Highly Commended for their entries in the International Women's Day 2019 Photographic Competition.

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And, of course, stay tuned for news about the International Women's Day 2020 Photography Competition.


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