Glassbox included LGBT+ focus to highlight the value of intersectionality for IWD

 July 11, 2019

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Gender equality should be diverse, inclusive and intersectional. So for International Women's Day, Glassbox's campaign was a collaboration with the community of IDS (Israel Diverse Standard), which is a part of the Global LGBTech organization that strives to enrich a strong community for LGBT+ people.

Through this collaboration, Glassbox wanted to emphasize the value of diversity. 

A global company with a presence with offices in Israel, New York and London, Glassbox has made great progress in Diversity and Inclusion via a significant increase in the number of women managers and new hires, and a greater participation in gender equality initiatives, such as the Israeli site's involvement in a campaign that raised awareness of violence against women.

International Women's Day proved to be a perfect time to celebrate this fantastic progress towards gender equality.

Hosting sessions globally about importance of equality

For IWD, Glassbox hosted sessions in its global offices that encouraged meaningful discussions about gender equality.

Decorated with IWD material to create the desired festive atmosphere of celebration, Glassbox promoted an important message to its employees: that gender equality is important and incorporating diversity in your professional and everyday life is crucial and deeply connected to the company's core values. 

Creating meaningful discussions and sharing goals

During the sessions, employees set personal goals to raise awareness of gender equality and educate the next generation. 

Using the IWD activity cards, employees wrote pledges about what they would do in the coming year to promote gender balance, from initiating discussions with team members to working with specific vendors that support the cause.

Glassbox took pictures of employees after the sessions striking the #BalanceforBetter pose, which were posted on various social media platforms. 

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In book for women employees 

Glassbox also gave its women employees copies of the book Lean In by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to motivate and inspire them. Attached to the book was an influential image and quote by social reformer Susan B. Anthony to highlight the theme #BalanceforBetter: "Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less."

Continuing the cause

For Glassbox, it was great to see employees continuing to use their IWD pins, bracelets and pens well after the day iteself to remind them of their goals and their role in promoting gender equality in the workplace and beyond.

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