Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions knows gender parity is a business issue

 July 23, 2019

IWD Best Practice Winners

For International Women's Day, Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions and Tech Data in the United States aimed to address tangible steps companies can take to develop their female talent and impact unconscious bias, highlighting the benefits and value of having women at the table. They highlighted that equality isn't a women's issue but a business issue, inviting both women and men to attend their IWD celebrations.

They then partnered with Patricia Filomeno, from Ink Graphics Media, to create an impressive video that served as a detailed record of their IWD activity. 

Creating a space of positivity and power to celebrate women

International Women’s Day morning started with a breakfast and time for people to connect. The event celebrated how far Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions has come regarding its strong commitment to gender and shared its further promises for action via a pledge wall. From its menu to its decor to its playlist, the attention to detail was intentional to celebrate women and create a space of positivity and power.

Inviting a female executive of a tech company to talk

Beth Simonetti from Tech Data shared her story with over 50 people from the Tampa Bay area. Audrey McGuckin, as an HR expert, shared stats about why gender parity matters and provided practical steps for people to adopt to move the needle in developing women in their careers and creating more space at the executive level.

Hosting a successful peer learning session

The company facilitated an important peer learning session that ended with each person sharing key thoughts. This activity was the most impactful part of its programming, encouraging those in person (and virtually) to be vulnerable with each other, share what they have done, and challenges they have had along the way. The men in the room were very open to hearing women's stories - building important relationships amongst colleagues. 

Raising money to support girls in foster care

Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions also partnered with a local charity that helps girls who are aging out of foster care to get work and transition well. The organization gave people the opportunity to partner financially and also to donate toiletries for the girl. The opportunity to give back to an at-risk population was well received and moving.

Celebrating IWD on social media

Audrey McGuckin International Womens Day

Bolstering the buzz around its exciting IWD initiaitves, Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions ran a range of striking #BalanceforBetter poses across its social media posts.

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