Gazebo Theatre's 'WANTED' - Birnam Arts Centre

When: March 4 2020

Where: Birnam, United Kingdom


A play In celebration and recognition of Women’s History Month 2020

In the midst of a time of uncertainty, division and political unrest, a young woman wrestles with her own isolation and call to respond...

WANTED explores the stories of 5 extraordinary ordinary women who share a passion for standing up for what is right. This powerful new play features an array of historical figures - Irena Sendler, who rescued more than 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation, Olive Morris, British Black Panther and avid activist for women and squatters’ rights, Phoolan Devi, the fearsome Bandit Queen, and a woman way ahead of her time, Dr James Barry, who adopted a male persona right through to her death to become the UK’s first female doctor

WANTED is written and performed by Tonia Daley-Campbell, Therese Collins and Pamela Cole-Hudson. The trio wowed audiences in The Sistren and now return to the stage accompanied by two new talented performers to again explore how the past and present collide, played out in Gazebo’s inimitable style - powerful drama littered with humour, honesty and heart.

Gazebo Theatre is of Britain’s leading theatre companies contributing to equality and social change.

‘We have to respond to what is happening. The only other option is to ignore it’

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