Our moment to drive change that leads to greater equality

Rob Bearden, CEO, Cloudera

 IWD 2021

International Women’s Day provides the opportunity to pause and recognise the unique experiences and skills that women bring to the world at large.

I truly believe that this is our moment to drive change that leads to greater equality. And we can create a more equitable future by challenging the here and now. By challenging and calling out actions that do not ensure equality, we can contribute to real time behavior change at all levels.

At Cloudera, we recognize that our success depends on creating a work environment where all employees can thrive in a culture of respect and achievement. Cloudera’s commitment to gender diversity starts with the actions of our Leadership Team

We are proud to have launched our Sponsorship Program in 2020, which takes workplace mentorship a step further by pairing talent across the organization with executives and professional coaches. We believe that by investing in the growth and elevation of the women here at Cloudera, we will build a more diverse pipeline for leadership positions. 

In 2021, we continue our commitment to creating an equitable workplace by expanding our Sponsorship Program, investing in ways for Clouderans to uplevel their skill sets, continuing to offer inclusive benefits, and use data to ensure that we're creating a culture that fosters gender equality.

This is an exciting era of change and the onus is on business leaders around the world to step up and forge a new path. Together, we #ChooseToChallenge.



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