Celebrating women in digital transformation

When: March 10 2021

Where: Toronto, Canada


In conjunction with International Women’s Day and its mission to celebrate digital advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology, we are pleased to present an engaging Live Cast chat with a league of women technology professionals.

Register to be a part of this celebration of professional diversity and receive access to an amazing song playlist including some of the greatest powerhouse female voices.

Discussion topics:

- Importance of diversity in thought and the impact on business metrics

- Real diversity impact through technology transformation  

- Why traditional Human Resource corporate programs are failing

- AI candidate bias and discrimination

Participating Panelists:

- Gabby Szasz, QA Consultants; Head of Advisory Services

- Erika Chestnut, Calendly; Head of Quality Assurance

- Star Carter, Kanarys; Co-Founder & COO

- Sem Ponnambalam, Xahive; President

- Olena Polissky, Art One Transformations; Founder and Managing Director

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