Challenging industry and gender norms is on all of us

Stephane Vedie, President & CEO, Varroc Lighting Systems

 IWD 2021

Varroc Lighting Systems is passionate about, and committed to being, a champion for women.

Traditionally, the automotive industry is a white-male dominated field. We challenge this idea by hiring women at all levels of our organization and providing opportunities for growth based on performance and potential — not gender, race or age. Currently, three members of our executive leadership team are women, and females hold various other high-profile positions within the company — including plant leadership and engineering management.

With operations in 17 countries, we champion women across the globe — from Asia, to Europe, to India, to South America. In addition to combatting gender bias, we are also committed to supporting all ethnicities and being a voice for underrepresented populations. Our values of sincerity, humility, integrity, passion and self-discipline guide us in this quest to better understand and eliminate biases in our workplace.

At Varroc, we also believe the success of an organization is directly tied to corporate social responsibility. Many of our corporate social responsibility efforts are related to providing opportunities for local girls and women. We recognize that many girls do not have access to STEM career paths, or see them as a viable option due to lack of representation. We recognize the solution to this problem is two-fold, so not only do we provide educational opportunities for girls interested in STEM, we ensure strong, passionate females are leading STEM activities within our company.

Despite these efforts, there is still work to be done.

We’ll continue to #ChooseToChallenge until true equality is reached.

We hope you’ll join us in these efforts.



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