We must challenge gender gaps wherever we find them

BJ Jenkins, President & CEO, Barracuda

 IWD 2021

Barracuda is excited to join the International Women’s Day community in celebrating women’s achievements and challenging gender bias and inequality. As an international company, we are proud to have women represented in all roles and regions across the world.

Despite representing nearly 40% of the worldwide workforce, women represent only a fraction of the technology workforce. Multiple studies have shown that gender diversity in the workplace improves problem-solving capabilities and increases creativity and innovation. Another study established that greater gender-diversity was correlated to above-average revenue and increased profitability. This is a natural outcome in a globally competitive market.

Women have made gains in technology and other sectors, yet they continue to face gender gaps in employment, education, retention, culture, pay, and leadership. It is incumbent upon all of us to challenge these gaps where we find them, even when we find them outside of the workplace. To build a world of equality, we must remember that we cannot shatter glass ceilings if the ladder to success is full of broken rungs.

We will be celebrating International Women’s Day throughout the entire month of March. Men and women from different companies around the world will be sharing their IWD messages of recognition and encouragement. We hope you will join us as we choose to challenge gender bias and inequality.



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