Where people feel they belong, the world becomes a better place

Misty Gaither, Director Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Indeed

At Indeed our mission is to “help people get jobs”—We are the world’s leader in getting people jobs and helping employers of all sizes reach their hiring goals.  

We are constantly questioning and challenging to adapt and better our product offering in support of this mission. We want to ensure we represent all people and all jobs, all over the world. 

Indeed champions a world of work where people are hired for what they have to offer—we work tirelessly to break down bias and barriers so that every job seeker gets a fair shot. 

We believe everyone has something unique to offer and when people are able to put their strengths and abilities to work, where they feel they belong, the world becomes a better place. Not only for them, but for the world around them. 

This belief is anchored by our commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and social impact initiatives. We are committed to advocating for inclusive hiring in support of a more equitable workplace.  

Indeed strives to be a model of gender equity. We lead by example through initiatives that support accountability, such as global salary transparency, pay equity, company-wide manager training and continuous learning and development opportunities for all employees. We embed measurable actions that support these goals throughout every aspect of the business. 

Additionally, Indeed has Inclusion Resources Groups (IRGs) which help to guide our continued education and development in support of challenging change: Women at Indeed, iPride, Black Inclusion Group, Access Indeed, All Generations Empowered, Asian Network, International Inclusion Group, Latinx in Tech, Parents & Caregivers and Veterans & Allies Resource Group.

Women at Indeed is led by employees with a simple mission, to champion a culture of inclusion, by providing a platform of advocacy, development and support for Women at Indeed. Indeed proudly has 19 chapters globally all working towards this goal. 

Our IRG teams collaborate with us to improve our products and support our customers, helping build equitable recruiting strategies, leading educational opportunities, and serving as Subject Matter Experts to ensure Indeed is thriving. 

Across the globe, our IRGs lend their voices to amplify our mission in campaigning for continued equity, diversity and inclusion for women.  

Together, we must continue to raise our voices and #ChooseToChallenge!



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