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What exactly does it mean to be empowered? Our programs are designed to support our belief that when women are empowered, families are more financially secure, children are healthier, and communities are stronger. We believe that in empowering, we are asserting that women have the same rights as men and should be able to pursue their personal, familial, and career goals with equal liberty and opportunity.  How do we know what needs exist in these women’s lives? We ask them. After connecting with women in our local communities, they advocated for the following resources and platforms:

  • Food pantries and Christmas hampers ensures women’s most basic needs are met.
  • Homeless and abuse shelters create safe spaces that allow women to gather and seek support.
  • Cancer research and education prepares for the health of women and their daughters.
  • Jobs skills and vocational training equips women with the tools necessary for pursuing their career goals.
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