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In 2023, collectively we worked to #EmbraceEquity

Thank you to the vast number of women's equality advocates who sent in their image to amplify the cause. Below are some of those advocates.

Tarana Mitu

Tarana Mitu, Bangladesh

Emina Frljak

Emina Frljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

St Anne

St Anne's Vocational School community, Ghana

Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Suzanne Doyle-Morris, United Kingdom

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital, United States

Alto de los Molinos

Alto de los Molinos, Spain

Youngor Borlor N

Youngor Borlor N'Dowar, Liberia

Constant Energy

Constant Energy, Thailand

Paris Bartholomew

Paris Bartholomew, United Kingdom


Women4Cyber, Belgium

Sherole from Teens In AI

Sherole from Teens In AI, United Kingdom

Pink Link Ladies

Pink Link Ladies, United Kingdom

Shafiq Sekalembe (Muzyk)

Shafiq Sekalembe (Muzyk), Uganda

Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar

Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar, Croatia

Nancy Medoff

Nancy Medoff, United States

Nicole Tan Lee Koon

Nicole Tan Lee Koon, Malaysia

Baghdad Mercy Hands Team

Baghdad Mercy Hands Team, Iraq

Kimberly Andersson

Kimberly Andersson, Sweden

Virunga Valley Academy International School

Virunga Valley Academy International School, Rwanda

Sally Maier Yip

Sally Maier Yip, United Kingdom

Bahrain Women

Bahrain Women's Group, Bahrain

Ifeoma Ikejiaku

Ifeoma Ikejiaku, Nigeria

Tripolis Kindergarten

Tripolis Kindergarten, Greece


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