Women are choosing progressive employers where their careers can thrive

Time and time again, women the world over often find themselves working for an employer that doesn't necessarily support or value their contributions.

Toxic work cultures, poor promotional opportunities, lack of flexibility, limited benefits, pay inequity - these are just some of the reasons forcing women to look to where the grass may in fact be greener.

Plus, a visible lack of women at upper levels can provide a pretty good clue that a company is struggling to attract strong talent against its competitors.

Thankfully, however, there are many large multi-national employers who tend to lead the way when it comes to having the best employee benefits in place, the leading flexible working practices, a far greater range of satisfying opportunities to move around in, and the most vibrant and respectful diverse work cultures which reflect the large customer bases and worldwide communities they serve.

Choosing the right employer

When women love their job it's often because they feel valued and supported, the work is rewarding and meaningful, the environment is dynamic and inclusive, and the pay and benefits are highly competitive.

If women feel part of a higher mission, are supported to achieve, and their values are aligned with their employer's - then it's more likely their careers will thrive.

So, choosing the right employer can significantly help a woman's career and improve her overall wellbeing. As such, being able to get a true sense about an employer before applying for their jobs is mandatory. This is why female-focused careers platform Where Women Work provides an excellent resource for women worldwide looking to research corporate employers and apply for their positions.

Where Women Work showcases the impressive work and achievements of women​,​ while shining a spotlight on the impressive employers supporting them.

The careers platform inspires women to achieve their potential while helping navigate their next career move to an employer who will actively support their success - whether an intern, graduate, apprentice, experienced hire, women returner or senior executive.

Candidates can access 100% of latest job vacancies 24/7 across the world from Prime Employers for Women part of the corporate Where Women Work community.

Where Women Work and further career sites for women

Women's jobsites to apply for careers - flexible and parttime jobs

While Where Women Work was the world's very first female-focused careers platform that benchmarked and pre-screened corporate employers via a range of intensive datapoints and provided robust evidence to candidates, many further women's career websites have continued to emerge over the following decade and a half. Thankfully, the commitment from corporate employers to recruiting, retaining, developing and promoting female talent worldwide is higher than ever before.

Now there are many platforms and websites where progressive employers can showcase their offering when it comes to competitiveness, and where talented female candidates can identify a shortlist of prospective employers and apply for a wide range of exciting jobs.  

So with such great resources available, women are definitely supported in their quest to choose an employer where their career can certainly thrive.

TOP 10 most useful career platforms for women

Here's a TOP 10 of useful women's careers websites from across the world where women can research and compare employers and aply for jobs:

So women, do your homework!

Actively research employers before aplpying for your next job.

Get a reliable and trusted sense of what the women say who already work there.

Learn more about the relevant workplace policies, practices and support available.

And, importantly, make the right decision via reliable and insightful information.  

Best women's jobsites 


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