International Women in Engineering Day celebrates the talent of women engineers

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) provides a clear call to women to shape the world. 

Taking place annually on June 23, INWED is an international awareness campaign celebrating the work and achievements of women engineers. The day provides an important opportunity to raise the profile of women engineers and highlight the amazing career opportunities available.

Engineering shapes the world and helps make our planet a better, safer, more innovative and exciting place to be. 

Encouraging girls into engineering careers

INWED focuses attention on the many opportunities for women in engineering, at a time when it has never been more important to address the engineering skills shortage.

It is critical to encourage girls to consider engineering careers and to help fill the substantial future job opportunities predicted for the engineering sector.


A global celebration of women engineers 

Launched initially in the UK by the Women's Engineering Society (WES) as a national initiative, INWED has grown year by year, and has since achieved a global reach and UNESCO patronage. 

The idea behind the day is to encourage all groups - governmental, educational, corporate, individuals and further organizations - to organize events to support the day and link them together for maximum impact.

Every year, hundreds of INWED activities span countries around the world like the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, Canada, Rwanda, Panama and many more.

With the help and guidance from INWED resources, events and activities are organized across communities, united by the aim of raising the profile of engineering as an exciting career choice for women and girls. 

Supporting women to achieve potential

INWED is delivered by Women’s Engineering Society - a membership organization that ensures equality for women in this non-traditional sector.

The organization follows three objectives:

  • to support women to achieve their potential as engineers, applied scientists and leaders and to reward excellence
  • to encourage and promote the education, study and application of engineering
  • to work with organizations and influencers to promote gender diversity and equality in the workplace and sustain the historic legacy and future effectiveness of the Women’s Engineering Society.

Work for a company that actively supports its women engineers

INWED is a great opportunity to observe and explore what companies are doing to support their women engineers and to celebrate those making great strides towards creating a more diverse and gender equal industry.

Learn more about how these companies support women - and discover what exciting jobs are on offer both in engineering and further.


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