IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion song collaboration with GirlsOfGrime

IWD sees many exciting and impactful collaborations that help elevate key messages about women's equality around the world.

One amazing collaboration sees the brilliant female-led platform for female artists, DJ's and creatives, GirlsofGrime, collaborate on a fabulous IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion Theme Song with a brilliant music video.

The crew at GirlsofGrime and their supporters had such a great time producing the #InspireInclusion music video. Lots of laughs, smiles, hugs, and support - and importantly stacks of super tasty food on hand to get the group through some long, late hours pulling the project together.

So enjoy the IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion Song showcasing lots of hard work, awesome skill, and very clever talent. 

Check it out below.

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Collaborating to inspire inclusion

GirlsofGrime InspireInclusion theme song

The #InspireInclusion music video was created through the GirlsofGrime Power.Of.Women (POW) Production Programme. The programme offers aspiring female creators a sizzling opportunity to spice up their production skills, sprinkle confidence into their lives, and stir up powerful industry connections through an immersive shared experience. Think of it as a culinary journey for musical ambitions.

The #InspireInclusion music video features the incredible Molly Elizabeth Teague and the ever-talented Lycie. The project was produced by the sensational Peradise and fabulous Sera Bless.

Peradise is a London-based Producer and Singer/Rapper who has a passion for Indie, Rap, RnB, and Garage. She distinguishes herself through a commitment to lyrical craftsmanship, storytelling, and vulnerability, all with a powerful intent to empower her listeners. Drawing inspiration from influential figures such as Jay Versace, Kanye West, and Timbaland, Peradise embarked on her music production journey in 2021, initially navigating the terrain by sampling old songs and skillfully transforming them into compelling hip hop tracks. Evolving her craft, she has since ventured into experimenting with and crafting her own melodies, equipping herself to produce with both authority and boundless creativity.

Based in the UK's Southampton, Producer and Singer/Rapper, Sera Bless, enjoys Rap, RnB, Trip-Hop, Soul, and Blues. She's a seasoned artist with a decade-long dedication to music, and she's a very versatile producer, rapper, and singer. With a music production degree and a diploma in music technology, Sera has honed her craft over the past ten years, dedicating the last six to seven years specifically to producing her own tracks. Her distinctive style is a fusion of trip-hop with bluesy undertones, showcasing a unique sonic signature. Sera also actively contributes to the community, and is currently making a significant impact by running workshops at MAST Studios in Southampton, focusing on empowering young women and girls. Through these monthly sessions, Sera is not only providing access to music production but also actively encouraging and fostering the involvement of more women in the field.

Janet Taras of consulting firm Speaking Rights also assisted with the project.

Elevating participation of women in the music industry

With the music industry at an all-time high, there is still a disappointing lack of female representation. From artists to DJ’s to managers and executives, women are underrepresented and under-promoted across the board.

As such, GirlsofGrime is a platform committed to raising and supporting the voices of women in the music scene along their journeys. They are an independent female-led grassroots organization steering change towards gender balance within the music industry. With a focus on talent development, GirlsofGrime is on a mission to level the playing field and bring more diversity to the industry by giving women in music the support they need to take their careers to the next level. They offers programs for artists, DJs, and producers to improve their skills; create opportunities for live performances both nationally and internationally and provide career progression pathways for the next generation of women in music, across all roles. The group's ultimate goal is to create safe spaces for future females to be able to fulfill their maximum potential.

GirlsofGrime is a collective of women, passionate about creating space and representation for girls in rap music. Their founding ethos is based around the idea that “women in UK rap should go where they’re celebrated, not merely tolerated.”

Girls of Grime

GirlsofGrime's strap line is: ‘It’s not Just Music, It’s Our Culture.’

So what is 'grime'?

'Grime' is an innovative and eclectic style of British rap music that emerged in London in the early 2000s. It is developed out of earlier UK dance style UK garage, and draws influences from jungle, dancehall, hip hop, and hardcore techno influences. It is characterized by fast beats, electronic sounds, UK accents, and frenetic energy. The grime music scene is made up of grime crews, collectives of musicians that produce music together and perform at nightlife venues, often those that are small-scale or “underground.”

Grime was the foundation of the #InspireInclusion Theme Song, yet GIRLSofGRIME also  encourages a wide breadth of experimentation across all music genres. The ever-inclusive GirlsofGrime!

Extraordinary women building their art

Women in the UK rap scene have not always had an easy ride. Despite some success in the USA States for female rappers, the rest of the world continues to struggle. Little Simz is a perfect case study. Cited as a 'grime music veteran' by MixMag in 2022, Little Simz worked tirelessly to gain national recognition for over a decade. Finally, she won a BRIT Award in 2022 as ‘Best New Artist’ which could be considered ironic as MixMag points out, it was her 4th album. Her talent is extraordinary, but her drive and persistence can not be taken for granted. Little Simz's journey is a familiar plight for many female artists, particularly in the rap world. In a 2022 article, MixMag pays tribute to GirlsOfGrime who are working to encourage and support female talent in the hope they will not be overlooked as female artists and music professionals. As the world changes, more female MCs are making a name for themselves, but there's still lots of room for women to build their art.

Music can have an impact shaping society

GirlsOfGrime Shakira Walters

GirlsofGrime was launched it in 2017 by Shakira Walters to help women rise in the music industry.

Shakira was raised in East London and grew up on grime and UK garage, but always felt it was a very male-dominated field. As a woman, Shakira felt it was hard to be accepted as part of the scene. Shakira recognizes the impact that music has in shaping society, particularly with regard to representation of the Black British.

In 2017, as a passionate music enthusiast, Shakira couldn't help but feel disappointed when she looked around the thriving UK music scene and noticed a significant lack of female representation across the industry, from artists to platforms. Determined to make a change and support as many women as possible on my journey, she founded GirlsOfGrime with a clear focus on female leadership and empowerment.

IWD2024 GirlsOfGrime

Raised between Newham, East London and Barking and Dagenham in Essex, Shakira grew up through a time where Grime as a genre was just emerging, and she witnessed how the birth of what she believes is the first entirely Black British music genre left its imprint on the world. Grime's disruptive nature demanded that real stories be heard. It was championed by a movement of young people from the ‘ends’, with little more than a passion for the underground sound, pirate radio, Channel U & infra-red mobile phone devices. Not only had the music been the soundtrack to her life, the culture had nurtured her into becoming a GIRL of GRIME and the woman she is today. "The nostalgic era embodied resilience in the face of a hostile mainstream music industry and live event space, and fostered a do-it-yourself culture that encouraged self-sufficiency & resourcefulness — core values at the heart of GirlsOfGrime," explains Shakira.

"Experiencing my adolescent years during that period, and coming from a large and tightly-knit Jamaican family it was essential for GirlsOfGrime to prioritize a strong connection to our heritage and community. This means celebrating all Black music genres and creating projects that engage the global diaspora, and across generations. GirlsOfGrime represents the unheard voices of the next generation of young women, who like myself, may have not necessarily had the most privileged upbringing or any idea about how to get into the music industry. Our goal is to empower our future females and encourage them to take the lead in shaping the society they envision. Therefore, we infuse all our projects with the spirit of Grime’s philosophy while encouraging the young people we work with to guide initiatives so that they align with their contemporary culture," says Shakira. "Through GirlsOfGrime and my further projects, I continue to advocate for more equitable action in support of women in music, and continue to strive for a better gender balance across the industry."

IWD2024 GirlsOfGrime

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