International Women's Day 2018 #PressforProgress videos

Progressive companies joined in to #PressforProgress

Charities called on communities to #PressforProgress

Sporting groups were keen to #PressforProgress

Educating to #PressforProgress was key

Governments called for a #PressforProgress

How did you #PressforProgress?

Teaching notes for the gender stereotypes viral video

Watch the IWD 2018 viral video that challenged gender stereotypes. Teachers used the accompanying lesson notes to discuss the topic "what if women and men switched for a day?"

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Greatest ever International Women's Day videos

International Women's Day videos form a big part of celebrations on March 8, as well as providing a call-to-action for gender parity. Here are some of the most powerful, popular, interesting, effective and fun IWD videos from around the world over the years - watch videos.

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