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 February 05, 2021

For International Women's Day and beyond, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts collaborates via practical and insightful education resources. These resources aim to help children and young adolescents understand gender stereotypes and develop the mindset and strategies to challenge them.

As part of an active commitment in choosing to challenge gender inequity - as a teacher, parent or caregiver - download the IWD WAGGGS Voices Against Violence resources to support awareness raising.

Access IWD WAGGGS early years resources

These sessions are for younger children, generally aged between 5 and 11 years old.

The lesson objectives include:

  • To think about what toys and films tell us about being a girl or a boy.
  • To understand how these stereotypes are used in play and how they limit the lives and development of girls and boys.
  • To negotiate more positive gender rules and roles in the playground.

Download sessions

Access IWD WAGGGS middle years resources

These sessions are for older children and young adolescents, generally aged 12 and above.

The lesson objectives include:

  • To think about gendered roles and discrimination in careers.
  • To think about our own gender assumptions and stereotypes.

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WAGGGS IWD ambassadors #ChooseToChallenge

Serving over 10 million girls in 150 countries, WAGGGS is the largest international organization dedicated to girls and young women and has been an IWD Charity of Choice since 2007 (although the relationship extends back well before that).

Meet Huang Yi-Hsuan, a Girl Scout in Taiwan

IWD WAGGGS Huang Yi Hsuan

"I choose to challenge people's perceptions towards our appearance. Being distinguished and being ordinary are both cool. We don’t have to look different to be different- it's our own choice."


Meet Therese Malinowski, a Girl Scout in the USA

Therese Malinowski

"I am challenging the suppressive culture around sexual assault on college campuses, because too many colleges in my country purposefully dismiss sexual assault allegations on their campuses, and I have seen first-hand how harmful a lack of justice and support can be for those who have been made victims. To change the culture around this issue, I worked to create the first comprehensive campus sexual assault database called "Project Dandelion" that makes statistics, history, and resources on specific colleges accessible to users, providing prospective and current college students the resources needed to understand the reality of sexual assault at a specific college."

"I truly believe that information transparency is the gateway to positive change in any topic, so by making this information available, this is sparking the conversation needed to change the culture of campus sexual assault, while providing students a valuable resource. Project Dandelion currently encompasses every college in the state of Illinois, but I am working hard to continue its growth to a national level."

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