How the Corri women changed music in 18th-century Edinburgh

When: March 7, 2024

Where: Edinburgh, United Kingdom


How did the Corri women change music in 18th-Century Edinburgh and why are their legacies so often overlooked in discussions of the Corri family?

Join Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland for this talk as part of our International Women's Day 2024 Celebration Week and discover the legacies of the Corri women.

What to expect:
Whilst the talk will begin at 18:00 guests are welcome to arrive and take their seats from 17:40 onwards. A staff member will greet you in reception and direct you to the location for the talk.

There are no reserved seats for this event so you can feel free to sit wherever you feel comfortable.

The talk will last for one hour, will be presented by Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland, and will include the use of slides and a microphone. After the talk is over staff will direct you back towards the reception where you can exit the way you came in.
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